Social Media for El Rio Hostel

Grew followers by 11,500 in 7 weeks

Starting on the 11th Jan, the marketing strategy was created and brought our followers from 12.5k to 24k during a 7 week period, which is incredible! The posts and reels were great quality with well-written copy and good hashtag research which increased our reach - some posts reaching 60% of people who hadn't previously followed us! Rachael also created similar posts for us in Facebook, with the appropriate changes for that platform (links and hashtags).

She designed a social media competition to tap into existing guests followers to convert them to our followers. She also created partnerships with local tour providers to share drone footage on instagram reciprocally which brought in great content at no cost. We have been delighted with Rachael's work and dedication! She also helped out with some video editing, photography and fast motion stuff. She was excellent and diligent and really gave the job her all. We will miss her, thanks Rachael! Ben and the El Rio team

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February 28, 2021
Ben, Co-owner


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