Best project management and business automation tool

Best project management and business automation tool
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Best project management and business automation tool

An overview of how Asana is used for individual freelance task management, small business team and project management and process automation

Asana is an online, browser based tool which can :

  • Manage 'To do' lists with due dates and repeating tasks
  • Task management and delegation to other team members
  • Project management
  • Process automation
  • Keep project information and knowledge all in one place

Asana also has

  • Templates for recurring work
  • Forms for work entry e.g. an order or a bug report
  • Integrations with many useful tools e.g. Typeform. When a lead makes contact on a form on your website, this can create an Asana task and trigger a range of actions such as a confirmation email and a task for a team member, and subscription of the lead to an email chain

Asana is very useful for all sizes of business

  • Sole traders & freelancers
  • Small businesses
  • Startups
  • Medium and Large businesses

Here at Wave Web Design, we have an Asana certified pro who can help you integrate Asana into your business, train staff and set up all the business automations and templates you need to automate your business processes and become optimised.

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