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Frequently asked questions

What does 'responsive' mean?

It means that the same website looks perfect on every screen size i.e. on desktop/laptop, tablets and mobile phones. There are hundreds of screen sizes across all the device brands and models, and your website design will be optimised for them all. If you want to easily see this in action, on a desktop or laptop, grab the bottom right corner of this web browser and pull it to the left - you will see the content fluidly rearranging to the browser width.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a complicated technical checklist of items that can be utilised to make sure that your website appears high in the search engine result pages (SERPS) for important search terms for your particular business. For example, if your business sells Thai food in Brixton, London, England, and you want to attract takeaway food customers, your important search terms would include 'Thai food delivery' and via the magic of 'local SEO' your site is optimised for a person searching this term who is currently in or near Brixton. [note that many possible search terms, products and/or services will be covered in multiple search term variations]

I don’t have a brand or logo, what can be done?

You could have a website built with just a ‘word logo’ as shown on this website at the top left navigation area, or your brand strategy and logo can be designed according to your budget, prior to the webdesign.

How long does it take to build my website?

That depends on the size and complexity of your site and whether you will need branding and logo design before-hand, however an estimated project length can be given if you provide more details on the quote form.

How much would a website cost?

Almost any budget can be accomodated within reason, and of course, the more 'bells and whistles' you want, the more it will be. A simple 1 page site with simple photo-based design and basic SEO starts from 200 Euros, plus monthly hosting fee. Please provide more details on the quote form and you'll receive an estimate within a business day.

When would charges be due?

Firstly, a small deposit to start work. The second payment is for the content (SEO keyword research, text and image layout), and the third payment is for the design and build your website. After the website goes live, each month you pay the hosting fee - hosting is just the place where your website lives, and is always charged by the month, no matter who you choose to build your website. Any brand work would be done before the website and is charged seperately by mutual agreement.

How do you find the right keywords for my business?

Specialised tools for keyword research are used. These tools would be prohibitively expensive for every small business to have themselves, plus they take a long time to learn. This is an important service which is provided to our customers and is over and above what many other website design and website development companies offer.

Who is the hosting provider?

Amazon AWS cloud computing, the best quality hosting available.

Will I be able to edit my website on my own?

Yes, the site will have a CMS so that you can edit text areas, upload new images and if you have a blog for example, create new posts and edit or remove posts. Only some areas of the site are protected from being edited to prevent edits which would affect the layout in a way that you would not want. If you do want major layout changes and / or new areas, they would be charged at the agreed hourly rate, at your request and by mutual agreement.

I already have a website and hosting, can you update my site?

That depends on how it was built. Please make contact and provide more details for an answer to your question.

Do you work for free?

If you are a charity or community focussed not-for-profit, please email details of your organisation and a free project will be considered. Please be aware though that hosting costs will always be charged because that is an ongoing monthly cost.

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